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Here at Independent Freight, we understand the need for reliable and prompt freight shipping for thousands of businesses across the New Jersey tri-state area. No matter where the final destination lies for your goods, the recipients expect quick delivery, especially when it comes to time-sensitive packages.

Our expedited freight services ensure that our clients’ goods reach their specific destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, and our rates fit nicely within any business budget.

Here are four things that you need to know about expedited freight services:

Who Uses Expedited Freight Services?

Any business that needs to have a package delivered by a specific time can benefit from using expedited freight services. Shipments can vary in size, from letters to trucks full of goods. Some frequent users of expedited delivery services include medical facilities, factories, and construction industry operators and manufacturers. However, anyone in need of efficient and speedy delivery can reap the benefits of expedited freight services.

What Distances Does Expedited Freight Shipping Cover?

As a reputable shipping provider at Independent Freight, our fleet of well-maintained trucks and trailers cover the entire New Jersey tri-state area. Whether your shipment needs to be shipped a short distance or across several towns, we will execute your delivery professionally and efficiently. When coordinating longer deliveries, our experienced and skilled drivers help us to effectively streamline and manage every single aspect concerning logistics and safe delivery of your goods.

How Do Logistics Play into Our Expedited Services?

As all goods shipping companies know, logistics help to streamline the entire shipping process. With our expedited freight services, our customers can track their shipments at any time. This helps to give our clients peace of mind. Additionally, we’ll assist with all logistics from start to finish, helping all our customers plan the journey that their goods will take to ensure a smooth and swift delivery process.

Are Expedited Freight Services Just for Large Businesses?

No. Any business or individual can utilize expedited freight services to send their goods where they need to go. We work with companies of any size, coordinating all the elements that are necessary to complete an urgent shipment. As an experienced freight company, we’re ready to handle any size job. In the last seven years, we’ve evolved from a one-truck business to a fleet of 25 tractors and 55 trailers that has delivered over 17,500 truckloads on time for our clients.

For more information, or to schedule expedited shipping services, call (856) 230-4234 or click here to visit the Independent Freight website today.