Regional Freight Services Based in New Jersey

The shipping industry is vital in today’s modern society, and when it comes to business, shipping freight plays an integral role in success and efficiency. At Independent Freight, our multi-service transportation company aims to help businesses across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Connecticut streamline their shipping efforts.

Having grown dramatically over the years, we have successfully encompassed all of the tri-state area and worked with businesses across the east coast to offer premier regional freight services. When it comes to the success of your business, it’s important to be prudent with regard to who you involve. When you choose Independent Freight to provide general freight trucking to your service areas, you’re assured trustworthy, reliable, and communicative professionals every time.

Regional Freight Services in the Tri-State Area

Selecting the appropriate shipping method for your goods will benefit you and your business by saving you money and adding greater shipping efficiency. We work with various industries and can haul all general commodities, as well as perishables. It’s important to note that we offer drop trailers based on volume and location. To ensure your goods arrive in prime condition, we have a fleet of dry freight trucking and some reefers, as well.

With our regional freight services, we can efficiently manage your supply chain. Our services include full truckload, partial truckload, and expedited LTL.

FTL — Full Truckload

When choosing full truckload shipping, the entire truck is dedicated to your shipment alone. FTL trucking can transport 10,000 pounds or more, so your entire load can be seamlessly transported to the desired destination. This shipping method is ideal for businesses who are under a time constraint or who do not want additional scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs along the route to interfere with their delivery. For direct and prompt delivery, opt for FTL shipping for larger loads.

PTL — Partial Truckload

A partial truckload shipping mode is popular method of shipment for loads that do not fill an FTL. While this form of transportation may require stops along the way, one noteworthy benefit of PTL is that the freight remains on one truck, which is ideal for those who prefer less freight handling.

LTL — Less-Than Truckload

Small to medium-sized businesses often utilize an LTL shipping method. These businesses have regular shipments scheduled with order sizes that are simply not large enough to fill an entire truck. We understand truck freight shipping can get costly, which is why we offer competitive rates that are simply unbeatable. There are a number of factors that go into shipping rates for LTL, including origin, destination, weight, and pallet count. Our team members will be happy to discuss shipping rates to give you the best truck freight quote in the area. This budget-friendly option is ideal for businesses with a relatively small freight that does not require the use of an entire trailer. Our regional trucking company also offers expedited LTL for time-sensitive shipments that are essential for your operation.

Quick & Efficient Regional Freight Shipping

Independent Freight provides regional freight trucking services that are designed to safely and securely deliver your goods in a timely manner. Our specialized equipment and general freight trucking expertise allow us to meet all of your delivery requirements. With excellent logistics management, we ensure efficiency, speed, and reliability throughout the entire delivery process along the East Coast.

Our service area spans the tri-state area and includes:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Connecticut

Request a truck freight quote and see how our express trucking services can help keep your business moving.

Three trailers lined up and ready for general freight trucking in New Jersey