Trustworthy FTL Trucking Within and Outside of New Jersey

Full Truckload Freight in the New Jersey Tri-State area

No matter what industry you are in, your business relies on the timeliness of trucking companies that move your cargo from point A to point B. Independent Freight provides FTL trucking services to businesses that need prompt delivery without additional stops along the way.

Why You Should Go with Independent Freight’s Full Truckload Freight Carriers

Independent Freight’s Road to Success

Independent Freight started out in 2012 with one truck and one driver. We’ve been in business for eight years now, and we have 25 trucks and 55 trailers, making Independent Freight one of the most elite local trucking companies in the New Jersey tri-state area. We successfully delivered over 17,000 truckloads in 2018.

Customer-driven Strategy

As a dominant local trucking company, we understand the value of communication and punctuality. Your deadlines are our deadlines, so we have drop trailers in many cities to help expedite the delivery process.

From Point A to point B on Your Time

Full truckload services are exclusive to your business. In other words, when you opt for FTL trucking, you’re not sharing shipments with another company. With a full truckload freight shipment, your freight is only handled during loading and unloading, since your carrier isn’t making other delivery stops between point A and point B.

We provide FTL trucking services to businesses throughout the following States:

  • PennsylvaniaA white semi-truck performing full truck load services in New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Delaware

As our business continues to grow, our service area has expanded considerably. If you do business on the East Coast and you are looking for a trustworthy FTL trucking company, look no further!

When should you go with FTL trucking over LTL trucking?

  • You have a large shipment that requires the full truckload size.
  • Your freight is delicate or requires special care.
  • You want the carrier to unload your freight with special equipment.
  • Your freight contains time-sensitive materials that require fast delivery.
  • You want A to B trucking without worrying about other delivery stops, truck switches, etc.

LTL trucking is ideal if you have a relatively small delivery, or if you don’t mind sharing truck space with another business. Unlike FTL freight shipments, you only pay for the space that your cargo fills on the truck when you opt for LTL delivery. For example, if you and another company each take up half of the truck’s space, then you each pay for half of the truck. Check out our expedited LTL services if FTL trucking isn’t a good fit for your shipping needs.

Fuss-free Full Truckload Services

Got a large load, a delicate delivery, or a truckload of time-sensitive supplies that need to get from point A to point B ASAP anywhere throughout Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Maryland? Independent Freight is the most dependable FTL freight carrier in the New Jersey tri-state area thanks to eight years of trucking experience. We’ve grown from a one-man operation to a full-blown fleet of truckers, and we’re not hitting the brakes anytime soon!

Contact us today with some details about your load so we can give you a pricing quote for your next delivery. Call us now for more information about our full truckload freight services, and let us know if you have any questions!