Top Rated Expedited Freight Carriers & Express Trucking In and out of New Jersey

Independent Freight provides expedited delivery and direct freight services to the New Jersey Tri-State Area. We started in 2012 with just one truck and a single driver. Since then, we have safely delivered thousands of truckloads for our clientele. With our company quickly growing, we are currently expanding our trucking services to broader areas. However, no matter how much we grow, Independent Freight promises to have the same customer-driven strategy at each one of our locations.

We proudly offer our express trucking and expedited freight carrier services throughout the following states:

  • Connecticut
  • Semi-truck driver behind the wheel on an expedited delivery in PennsylvaniaDelaware
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Expert Expedited Freight Carriers

Expedited delivery and direct freight services revolve around efficiency. Independent Freight understands how valuable their customers’ time is. We assure you that your goods arrive on time, safely and intact. Our drivers are experts in logistics and take the most direct routes while also making sure they are taking excellent care of the cargo. And not only that, but with expedited freight trucking, express service is guaranteed to our clients.

Benefits of Our Express Trucking Company’s Expedited Freight Services

Express trucking and expedited freight carriers move your products in a sturdy vessel. All goods are protected and promptly arrive at their destinations. Customers of Independent Freight can know the exact course our express trucking company is taking as well. Reliability is a significant factor in our express services, and at Independent Freight, we keep our customers in the loop and always aware of the location of their products. We even offer same-day trucking services to those in need of it.

Expedited Service for Anyone

A popular misconception about expedited services is that it’s only for large businesses. However, it’s not just corporations who use trucking — small businesses and even individuals can benefit from an expedited delivery as well. In fact, expedited freight carriers can be utilized by any company or individual that needs their materials delivered promptly and securely. Whether it’s long distance or a heavy load, Independent Freight can help you out.

Specialty Express Trucking

The trucking services at Independent Freight include a variety of options. As an express trucking company, Independent Freight knows the importance of having a range of express trucking services. We offer full truckloads, partials, same-day trucking, dry freight trucking, local LTL carriers, and FTL trucking We strive to meet the expectations of all our clients and prevent the possibility of any hiccups through our various types of trucking.

Dedication as an Express Trucking Company

Independent Freight recognizes the trust its customers are placing into their hands. Money and time are at stake, and the employees at Independent Freight acknowledge this. We owe our years of success to reliability and trust between our clients and employees. Independent Freight Carriers is proud of our express trucking services and expedited freight carriers. We offer our help to a number of states including, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. For more information on any of our services, contact us for more information.