Dry Freight Trucking out of New Jersey

At Independent Freight, LLC, we offer a variety of dry freight trucking services, and we have one goal in mind: to move your freight safely, securely, and as expeditiously as possible throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut. Whether you need local LTL carriers or transport for full truckload freight (FTL), we have you covered! We at Independent Freight provide excellent deliveries at competitive rates every day!

What is Dry Freight Trucking?

Dry Freight Trucking (or dry van trucking) is the most popular form of freight delivery on the road. It is the process of shipping pallets and boxes of dry goods (clothing, furniture, machinery, packaged goods, etc.) that do not require climate-controlled vans. Essentially, if your goods are non-perishable, dry freight trucking with Independent Freight, LLC, is the perfect option for you and your business.

Advantages of Dry Freight Trucking

  1. Various Freight Options

Dry freight is ideal for a wide variety of goods, including building materials, textiles, retail clothing, and paper and plastic products.

2. Protection from Theft and the Elements

All of our dry freight trucks are equipped with sturdy locks to discourage theft. Our shipping containers also protect your items from rain and direct sunlight, so your products remain dry and undamaged during transport.

      3. “Drop-and-Hook”

Depending on the location, weight, and contents of our dry freight vans, we offer the “drop-and-hook” method by which our drivers can drop an empty trailer and then hook a full one. This loading method saves plenty of time loading and unloading freight and can speed up transportation time.

4. Affordable & Convenient Delivery Method

From short- to long-distance hauls, our dry freight trucking services are the most affordable land delivery method available in the Mid-Atlantic region. We can deliver products of almost any size and weight, from bulky furniture to feather pillows, fast and efficiently, so you don’t need to stress about delayed deliveries.

Let Us Deliver Your Dry Freight

At Independent Freight, LLC, affordable shipping is our business. We deliver your merchandise, so you don’t have to shell out for your own fleet of tractor trailers. We have grown remarkably since our humble beginnings in 2012, and we now have 25 tractors and 55 trailers at your service year round. In 2018, we delivered an astonishing 17,500 truckloads throughout our region, roughly 4,500 more than in 2017, and we expect our number of deliveries and our delivery range to increase as our company continues to grow. We offer drop shipping to keep our experienced drivers moving from client to client, and we also provide expedited delivery services upon request.

We currently perform dry freight trucking services to the following Mid-Atlantic and NeRear view of a semi-truck carrying a dry freight trailer in New Yorkw England states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New York
  • Connecticut

Regardless of your dry freight delivery requirements, Independent Freight, LLC, has the best equipment and drivers in our now-expanded transport region. Contact us for a complimentary dry freight pricing quote, and then let us recommend the perfect truck and schedule specifications that work best for you! We encourage you to call our helpful representatives to learn more about Independent Freight dry freight services, or fill out a quote request form today!