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In such a faced-paced, demanding world, the need for bigger, better, and faster seem like the right way to go — but that’s not always true. When it comes to transporting goods, knowing which size freight is the better option for carrying your load will save you money and add greater shipping efficiency.

Businesses will benefit from knowing what qualifies their freight to be carried by the proper shipping method. At Independent Freight, we service our customers by providing FTL, PTL, and expedited LTL shipping methods. Continue reading below to learn more about these services and find out which solution is right for your freight:

FTL — Full Truckload

The definition of this shipping method is quite literal. A full truckload indicates that the entire truck is dedicated to one shipment of around 10,000 lbs or more. While taking up an entire truck causes this method to be a bit pricer, shippers opt for FTL because there are no additional scheduled pickups and drop-offs along the route. If you have a large shipment, FTL may be your best option for ensuring your goods are delivered directly and promptly. 

PTL — Partial Truckload

Partial truckload shipping is generally the most cost-effective method. While there are multiple stops involved, one noteworthy benefit of PTL is that your freight remains on one truck, so there is less handling involved.

LTL — Less-Than Truckload

LTL is the ideal shipping method for small to medium-sized businesses that have regular shipments with order sizes that are not large enough to fill an entire truck. This is a great option for saving money, as you can avoid overpaying for your space on larger freight. LTL rates are structured and are typically based on origin, destination, weight, and pallet count. While LTL offers many benefits, if your shipment is time-sensitive, FTL may be the best option. 

We understand the size of your shipment can vary, which is why we provide multiple transportation options for your freight. The shipping specialists at Independent Freight work day in and out to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the duration of our services. Fill out our contact form for more information, or give us a call at 856-338-9099.